Extending Your Camera Battery's Life Like the Pros Do

Most cameras today use rechargeable batteries. While it is said that lithium ion and such types of batteries can ideally last a lifetime, there are several things you may be doing that are quickly hastening this said lifetime. Here are some tips to extend your camera battery's life.


Camera batteries should never be stored at high temperatures. All manufacturers have specific instructions on the packs regarding this. Unfortunately, not everyone gets into the habit of enjoying the manufacturers' literature and getting these instructions. Heat progressively destroys the cells and shortens their lifespan and power storage abilities. Fortunately, most batteries can be stored well at room temperature. A popular belief is that refrigerating batteries is a good practice for their lifespan. This is not necessarily true for all batteries. With lithium ion batteries, just keeping them away from excess heat would be enough.

If you plan on storing your camera for a long duration without use, you may want to charge the batteries slightly before removing them and storing them. Even if you intend to leave the batteries in the camera, it is also good to have them containing a little charge. A complete discharge of camera batteries can cause the batteries to lose functionality with time over the stored duration. A little power helps the internal mechanisms remain sort of "oiled" during the storage period.


Many people usually leave their camera batteries to charge excessively beyond the points when the batteries are full. Repeatedly doing this with your camera batteries will drastically shorten the lifespan of the batteries. Once full, the current running through the batteries from the charger progressively breaks down the chemicals within the batteries. A battery that is repeatedly overcharged, therefore, slowly loses its power storing extents and this will present as the camera progressively losing power quicker in future. So when that green light comes on, disconnect the battery and charger promptly.

When in use

Finally, to save on the amount of power the camera draws from the batteries when in use, use power saving features such as dim screens, standby modes, and keeping off live view as much as possible. The more your camera demands extra power from the batteries, the faster your camera batteries may be dying. Another tip would be to try not deleting photos and videos directly from the camera. Mount the memory card elsewhere and perform these actions. A simpler explanation for this perhaps has to do with the fact that you spend more time scrolling and viewing photos whenever you want to delete stuff. This translates to more power demand on the batteries.