First-Time Tech: Making Sex Toy Shopping Easy

If you've never purchased a sex toy before, you may find the online marketplace a little intimidating. While the internet does open a lot of doors and make shopping for these products much more easy and discreet, there is such a wide variety of items available that you may not know where, or how, to begin. If that's the case, then here's a handy guide to ensure that your first foray into purchasing sex toys is both satisfying and stress-free.

The Price is Right

If you've never bought a sex toy before, you may be tempted to purchase the cheapest item you can find as a tester. In most cases, this would be a good idea — making a small investment in something you've never tried before, just in case it's not for you. With sex toys, however, this may not be best.

Cheaper toys can be fantastic, and there are plenty on the market that do a great job. This is especially true of non-powered toys. However, you do get what you pay for. More expensive toys use luxe materials and more expensive electronic components than their budget-friendly cousins. As such, you're likely to find they're made of more innately sensual materials such as silicone. Most importantly, powered toys will be stronger and more effective. As such, if you can afford it, opting for a mid-range toy will give you much more of the feel and experience you may be looking for.

Power Up

When it comes to vibrating and motor-powered products, more expensive toys tend to be more powerful. But why is this?

Some items use battery power. These will certainly work but do not produce very strong vibrations or movements. Also available are USB-charged and mains-powered toys. The latter is the most high-powered — and toys that remain plugged in during use will tend to be stronger than their mains-rechargeable counterparts. Prices will tend to follow this same scale — battery-powered toys tend to be more affordable, and toys will become more expensive the more powerful they are.

As such, you should choose the price and type of power that works for you. Don't forget to pick up a pack of batteries if you choose something that requires them; they may not always be included.

Even once you've narrowed down pricing and power type, you'll still have plenty of options — but then, there should be just enough to look through and see what takes your fancy. These products are as much about inspiring you and appealing to you personally as they are about their individual specifications. Once you know where to look, that need not be too overwhelming. Contact companies like Club X for additional advice.